Hong Kong's First Laughter Yoga Social Enterprise & Training Center with the social mission for spreading health and happiness in Hong Kong & Asia. 香港首間愛笑瑜伽/大笑瑜伽社會企業及培訓中心 - 在香港和亞太區分享快樂和健康。
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{印度Laughter Yoga University 進修級別}

Laughter Yoga University – Different Levels of Training 



Many buddies are interested in Laughter Yoga, but it sounds a bit mysterious how to begin with. In the world of Laughter Yoga, basically you can refer to the following “levels”, but some buddies might begins with train the trainer programme, while others might satisfy in the laughter club activities. We recommend you might begin with LOL 101A or LOL 101B to start exploring the world of laughter yoga.


入門【大笑101A】:一般大笑瑜伽參加者 Laughter Club幫到你!

Beginners: LOL 101A : Laughter Club – a good way to kick start!


What you need to do is to follow the activities instructed by the certified laughter yoga teacher or leader. You don’t need to have any knowledge or experience about laughter yoga, and most of them are FREE!

香港大笑瑜伽團 Laughter Yoga Hong Kong Meetup Group


深入了解:【大笑101B】 – 一天基本大笑瑜伽課程

More Knowledge: Join LOL 101B – One Day Basic Laughter Yoga Training Course


If you would like to know more about the rationale of laughter yoga and how to apply this tool in your daily life to bring more joy and health to yourself, or you just want to have a one day retreat with laughters, this is the course for you.

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導師grade 1: 【大笑201】大笑瑜伽領袖培訓課程 (LYL)

Train the Trainer Level 1: LOL201 Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders Training Course

所有完成基本兩日課程及功課,可以自行帶領不同的laughter yoga session或愛笑俱樂部。



The training usually in two days with practical work and take home assignments, and mostly with the objective for equip the participants to have enough tools and knowledge to lead a laughter yoga session or start their own laughter club.

Training included the 40 basic laughter yoga exercises, laughter meditation, relaxation, laughter yoga steps, theories and background.

Ability gained in the training: start your own laughter club and share laughter yoga with organizations or companies.

Suitable for: those who would like to start your own laughter club or share laughter yoga to organizations or companies or clients, or just want for bringing more joy and health to yourself.

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導師grade 2: 【大笑301】大笑瑜伽講師培訓課程(LYT)

Level 3: [LOL301] Laughter Yoga Teacher Training Course 
需完成由Dr Kataria 或Master Trainer的至少5天訓練課程。

完成課程可自己培訓laughter yoga leaders。



This is the programme only delivered by Laughter Yoga Founder Dr. Madan Kataria or Master Trainer, and the programme consists of at least 5 days training.

The course objective is to let the participants to understand the basic knowledge about laughter yoga in a more deeper way, and also discuss the inner spirit of laughters and law for happiness, and the teaching techniques of laughter yoga workshop, training course and the laughter yoga leaders training course, presentation & organization skills, mindful communication with others and within oneself. After the course, Laughter Yoga Teachers can train your own laughter yoga leaders.

Task of Laughter yoga teachers: train more laughter yoga leaders to spread laughter in the community.

Suitable for those who want to have better understanding about laughter yoga and the inner spirit of laughter and happiness.

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導師grade 3: 【大笑401】大笑瑜伽首席培訓講師

Level 3: [LOL401] Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

需乎合Dr Kataria的大師班入門資格後,跟在Dr Kataria 個別指導下學習如何成為master trainer,取得laughter yoga的所有真傳。由20日至一年不等。

完成此階段後可以自行培訓laughter yoga teachers。



This is the course can be delivered by Dr. Madan Kataria only, and the training duration is from 20 days to 1 year , depends on the students. After finished this level, Master Trainer can train the Laughter Yoga Teachers.

Task of Master Trainer: train more teachers and empower others to train their own laughter yoga leaders and spread happiness.