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大笑瑜伽的研究文獻 Academic Research of Laughter Yoga




(以下資料來源:  American School of Laughter Yoga)


1) 工作效率:大笑瑜伽提升員工的士氣、恢復力及個人效能的信念。


Workplace Efficiency: Laughter Yoga Enhances employees morale, resilience, and personal efficacy beliefs. This study measured the impact of a purposeful aerobic laughter intervention on employees’ sense of self-efficacy in the workplace.)

2) 工作壓力:大笑瑜伽對資訊科技專才平衡壓力的果效。

這個研究量度20分鐘的大笑瑜伽環節跟200位在熱線的員工的影響。同時也有另一個平衡研究小組有關大笑跟壓力和自然K細胞的活動的關係。(Workplace Stress: The Efficacy of Laughter Yoga on IT Professionals to Overcome Professional Stress. This study measured the impact of  20-minute laugh-yoga sessions on 200 healthy normotensive IT call- center workers in Mumbai, India. (a parallel study to this one is ”The Effect of Mirthful Laughter on Stress and Natural Killer Cell Activity“)


3) 大笑瑜伽「治療」應用對社區長者的抑鬱症狀、認知及睡眠質素的影響。


Effects of laughter therapy on depression, cognition and sleep among the community-dwelling elderly. This study investigated the effects of laughter therapy on depression, cognitive function, quality of life, and sleep of the elderly in a community.)

4) 大笑瑜伽跟小組運動對患抑鬱症的年長女士的影響。

這是研究按Kataria醫生的大笑瑜伽小組活動對這些婦女的抑鬱及生活滿意度的影響。Laughter Yoga versus group exercise program in elderly depressed women: a randomized controlled trial. The objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of Kataria’s Laughter Yoga and group exercise therapy in decreasing depression and increasing life satisfaction in older adult women of a cultural community of Tehran, Iran.

5) 大笑瑜伽「治療」對中瘋病人的身心社交健康的影響。

研究由社會工作及社區發展的資深講員在University of Kwazulu-Natal進行。透過120個大笑瑜伽小組運用大笑瑜伽練習、呼吸法及認知介入患中瘋病人的影響(病人年齡為40-90歲)。

Bio Psycho-Social Impact of Laughter Therapy on Stroke Patients. The study comprised 120 laughter therapy sessions using various laughter techniques, pranayama (deep yogic breathing exercises) and cognitive restructuring conducted on stroke patients between the ages of 40 to 90 in the Verulam Frail Care Community. It was done by Dr. Gita Suraj Narayan, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Social Work and Community Development, University of Kwazulu-Natal.

6) 大笑和音樂可以降低你的制血壓。


Laughter and music could lower your blood pressure. This one was done in Japan and published in 2011.

7) 日本的研究:大笑和運動對社區長者的身心健康的影響。

Effects of a laughter and exercise program on physiological and psychological health among community-dwelling elderly in Japan: Randomized controlled trial

8) 大笑瑜伽對等待器官移植的病人的心情及心率的影響。

Effect of Laughter Yoga on Mood and Heart Rate Variability in Patients Awaiting Organ Transplantation: A Pilot Study

9) 大笑瑜伽的心理影響:量度大笑俱樂部的幸福指數在澳洲維多利亞。

The psychological impact of Laughter Yoga: Measuring Wellbeing in Laughter Yoga Clubs across Victoria, Australia

10) 大笑瑜伽的心理影響:大笑瑜伽於一個月內跟澳州一家企業的研究。

The psychological impact of Laughter Yoga: Findings from a one-­month Laughter Yoga program with a Melbourne Business.


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