Hong Kong's First Laughter Yoga Social Enterprise & Training Center with the social mission for spreading health and happiness in Hong Kong & Asia. 香港首間愛笑瑜伽/大笑瑜伽社會企業及培訓中心 - 在香港和亞太區分享快樂和健康。
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大笑瑜伽 FAQs of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga with YOGAMATE

You may have questions about laughter yoga, here are some of the commonly asked questions, see if these help. If not, please feel free to ask any questions at programme@yogamate.com.hk , and we will reply you shortly.

你可能對愛笑瑜伽尚有一些疑問,以下是一些常見問題,或者可以解答你的問題吧﹗如果這裡的問題還是不能解答你的疑慮,不妨電郵至programme@yogamate.com.hk ,我們會盡快回覆你﹗




大笑faqs-003- 我們是NGO,可以怎樣安排大笑瑜伽活動嗎?

大笑faqs-004- 我們是NGO,可以怎樣安排大笑瑜伽活動嗎?

大笑faqs-005- 零budget怎樣可以安排大笑瑜伽活動?

大笑faqs﹣006: 如何安排自己的愛笑俱樂部?

大笑faqs- 007: 我可以未玩過laughter yoga,一來便報名上大笑導師班嗎?

 大笑faqs-008: 來玩大笑瑜伽要帶d咩?

大笑faqs-009: 做大笑瑜伽駛唔駛用瑜伽蓆呀?


1. I just saw many people laughing in the videos, but what is laughter yoga?


Yes, you are right. Laughter Yoga is an aerobic exercises with the combination of laughing activities, physical movement, yogic breathing and imagination. You will feel relax after doing laughter yoga. Too bad that our video and camera can only capture the laughing faces and voices, but not the sweating …Ha-Ha-Ha!



2. Why we need to do laughter yoga if I am the kind of person can laugh a lot every day?


That’s good for you. According to the medical research, we need to laugh for 15-20 minutes continuously to have the benefit to physical and mental health, which is difficult for people who love to laugh a lot. In laughter yoga, we are doing the exercise in a group setting, which means that through the eye contact and child like playfulness, our laughter turn from fake to real one, and we spread around in the group. In a group setting, we can easily achieve this continuous laughing.



3. I am not flexible, can I do Laughter Yoga?


Of course yes. In Laughter Yoga, we are not talking the flexibility of your body, but we are laughing. It is easy for anyone, from 3-years old kids to 100-years-old senior friends, they can all do it. So let’s try that together!


4. What should we wear for the laughter yoga session?



You can wear anything they feel comfortable to walk for 30 minutes will do. We have people in suit, dresses and high heels to do laughter yoga before.



5. What’s the difference between yoga and laughter yoga?


Yoga in studio normally refers to Hatha Yoga, which is the practicing steady and comfortable postures in order to achieve healthy body and clamming one’s mind. Depends on different "brands" of yoga, you may be practicing dynamic movement or holding a posture for a while, but most of the practice time is an individual work (except partner yoga).


Laughter Yoga is a laughing aerobic exercises, which focused on imagination and laughing. You will have dynamic body movement and interaction with other people as a group work. Laughter yoga practice helps you to exercise your tummy a lot, and achieve focus on faking the laughters and make your body thinks you are happy and changes the chemicals component in your body. After the chemical component changes, you will feel relaxing and happy.




6.  Why Laughing Helps your business?

Due to too much stress, work place has become too serious. People think serious people are more responsible and more productive. This is not true. More productive people are those who take their work seriously, but take themselves lightly.

Scientific research shows laughter can help resolve workplace stress and create a happy, energetic and motivated workforce. But, until now there was no reliable and effective system to deliver laughter. Humor was the only tool available, but it is not reliable and seldom leads to continuous hearty laughter.


Laughter Yoga is a breakthrough laughter delivery system with following unique features:

• ANYONE can laugh and one does not need a sense of humor, jokes or comedies.

• One doesn’t need to be happy or in a good mood in order to laugh because laughter is done as an exercise in a group.

• Anyone can do it; it is scientifically proven; easy to learn and a lot of fun. People can feel the benefits right from the very first session.

• It is cost effective, less time consuming and scientifically proven.