Hong Kong's First Laughter Yoga Social Enterprise & Training Center with the social mission for spreading health and happiness in Hong Kong & Asia. 香港首間愛笑瑜伽/大笑瑜伽社會企業及培訓中心 - 在香港和亞太區分享快樂和健康。
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YOGAMATE is founded by Nat in Hong Kong since 2012. Nat was a Registered Social Worker at that time, while she devoted most of her career time on youth and education work. Although her life is not hard at all when compared to lots of other Hong Kong people, her body experienced the huge stress from her work, but mostly from herself, which was a clear signal for her to stop working for a while.

After the contract ended of her work as the Assistant Social Work Officer, she went to India and stayed there for three months in search for peace and happiness. During her stay there, she learnt Laughter Yoga from the founder Dr. Madan Kataria, and completed the Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in the World Capital of Yoga , Rishikesh.

She decided to spread laughter and happiness in providing different laughing and wellbeing programmes and workshops to corporates, organization and schools, while using the profit from the training to provide the free laughter clubs and special happiness and wellbeing projects for the community.

As Dalai Lama said, ” The creation of a more peaceful and happier society has to begin from the level of the individual, and from there it can expand to one’s family, to one’s neighborhood, to one’s community and so on.

We are here to spread happiness, because we are happy already. It is time for us to co-create a more happier and peaceful society.

玩樂瑜伽於2012在香港成立。創辦人Nat是一位香港註冊社工,她的職業生涯主要是服務青少年及教育工作。即使她的生活比起其他香港人不算辛苦,但她的身體卻因為她對自己的壓力而發出訊號。她擔任助理社會工作主任的合約期完結時,她便決心遠赴印度三個月,找尋快樂和平安。在印度的日子,她跟愛笑瑜伽始創人Dr. Kataria學習成為大笑導師。之後, 她到訪世界瑜伽之都Rishikesh完成瑜伽及冥想導師訓練。


正如第十四世達賴喇嘛尊者所言︰ 「為創建一個更和平和快槳的社會要由個人層面開始,然後再推到家庭,最後是到社區。