Hong Kong's First Laughter Yoga Social Enterprise & Training Center with the social mission for spreading health and happiness in Hong Kong & Asia. 香港首間愛笑瑜伽/大笑瑜伽社會企業及培訓中心 - 在香港和亞太區分享快樂和健康。
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Home 包班安排 社會關懷責任活動 Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

社會關懷責任活動 Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

社會關懷責任系列:大笑義工隊訓練計劃  Corporate Social Responsibility Series: Laughing Volunteer Training Programme



For Companies / Organizations would like to have your own laughing volunteer team, this programme is suitable for your needs.

You can choose to have Quick Laugh Version (2 hr training + 2 hour laughing service) or Company Investment Version (16 Hr training + unlimited laughing volunteer services).  Please feel free to contact us to have more information.


  1. 員工身心減壓
  2. 最簡單的義工服務,不用過多物資及時間準備。
  3. 一定有歡笑聲的義工服務,讓員工跟受助者互相感染歡樂。
  4. 任何年紀及體質也能參與
  5. 企業員工把正能量帶回工作單位


報價及查詢 Quotation & enquiry: programme@yogamate.com.hk or whatzapp 6626-8406