Hong Kong's First Laughter Yoga Social Enterprise & Training Center with the social mission for spreading health and happiness in Hong Kong & Asia. 香港首間愛笑瑜伽/大笑瑜伽社會企業及培訓中心 - 在香港和亞太區分享快樂和健康。
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大笑工作坊 Laughing Workshop

自2012年開始,我們最受歡迎的工作坊60﹣90分鐘Laughing for Stress Management以及3小時Pursuit for Happiness Laughing Workshop 以廣東話、英語或是國語跟本地、外地及國內的朋友分享讓大家學習減壓及大笑之道。這些工作坊均由YOGAMATE的資深大笑導師/社工或心理學家主持。過往好評如潮(詳情可看我們的學員感想)。


大笑皇牌工作坊 Our Signature Programme

(1)60﹣90 分鐘大笑減壓工作坊 : 

60-90 mins Laughing for Stress Management Workshop


Suitable for : young people, working adults, women, seniors, staff to reduce the stress level , and or team building during staff retreat.

We are professional in Mass Programme as well as small group 🙂

  YOGAMATE Laughing Community Project

(2) 60 分鐘親子大笑工作坊 Family Laughter Yoga Workshop



Focus on the interactions of parents and kids, the workshop is led by certified laughter yoga trainers who expertise in family laughing workshop.

Target: at least 6 pairs of family, and the kid aged 4 or above.


報價及查詢 Quotation & enquiry: programme@yogamate.com.hk or whatzapp 6626-8406