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大笑FAQs: 我本身是經常笑的人,為什麼還要玩大笑瑜伽呢?

Why we need to do laughter yoga if I am the kind of person can laugh a lot every day?


That’s good for you. According to the medical research, we need to laugh for 15-20 minutes continuously to have the benefit to physical and mental health, which is difficult for people who love to laugh a lot. In laughter yoga, we are doing the exercise in a group setting, which means that through the eye contact and child like playfulness, our laughter turn from fake to real one, and we spread around in the group. In a group setting, we can easily achieve this continuous laughing.

這真是太好了。根據醫學證明,我們需要連續大笑15-20分鐘才能得到身心的得益,但即使是經常笑的朋友也很難在每天連續大笑到15-20分鐘。在 大笑瑜伽,我們以小組形式進行,透過眼神交流及孩童的玩法,令假笑變成真實具感染性的大笑。由於在小組的玩法,我們很容易持續的笑下去。